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Mobile game is the new generation evolution in the gaming world. Mobile Game means 24x7 non stop entertainments in your pocket. A mobile game is a video game normally played on a mobile phone, but you can also play them in smart phone, PDA, handheld computer or portable media player. The games may be installed over the air, they may be side loaded onto the handset with a cable, or they may be embedded on the handheld devices by the OEM or by the mobile operator. Mobile games are usually downloaded via the mobile operator's radio network, but in some cases are also loaded into the mobile handsets when purchased, or via infrared connection, Bluetooth or memory card. Mobile games are played using the technologies present on the device itself. For networked games, there are various technologies in common use. Examples include text message (SMS), multimedia message (MMS) or GPRS location identification.

First Ever Mobile Game
The first game that was pre-installed onto a mobile phone was Snake on selected Nokia models in 1997. Snake and its variants have since become the most-played videogame on the planet, with over a billion people having played the game.

History of Mobile Games
Old generation cell phone games were not as expansive or as popular as console games, as the phone's hardware was not suited to high-color screens or sounds beyond differently pitched beeps. The games were usually animated with black squares. Some of the most common cell phone games were "snake" and "brick". Unlike today's modern cell phone games, which usually have to be purchased, these games came pre-installed on the cell phone, and could not be copied off or removed.

When the "camera phone" was introduced to the public, cell phones started to become a lot more common and a very big trend. The storage and graphic capabilities on these new phones were a lot better than the older "candy bar" style phone, which meant that higher quality games could be created for use on cellular phones. This of course also meant that companies could make a profit off these games.

Problems with Mobile Games
Cell phone games are not as big of a success as they were thought to be because using a cell phone keypad as a controller is much different than any video game console. Also, the games available for cell phones are usually relatively short. And mobile games now tend to take up a large amount of memory on cell phones.

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